By introducing this product to the market, we have provided our customers with a solution that offers tremendous arrangement opportunities.

With AMS, you can build your wardrobe in an interesting way, create a collection of modern furniture - using AMS as the backbone of the whole structure, or desk - using AMS as a basis for the countertop, or even create a bookcase or a partition with it.

AMS design fits perfectly to any space - home, office and store.

AMS is based on the vertical profile AMS 1706. On each side it has a section that allows for the wide application of this profile, installation of additional components and for finishing of this profile in several ways.

To finish the vertical profiles you can use:

In addition, when you use the flexible transparent filling (AMS1716) you can place the LED strips in the profile, this will give your design lightness and a very interesting appearance.

Where we want an extra light and exhibition, we recommend mounting lighting box shelves. For those who seek a lighter and cheaper building solution, we prepared AMS ECO system (AMS 1723), which also offers high functionality with slightly limited finishing options.

We invite you to read our catalog, where you can find more technical information. Click any of the below graphics and you shall be redirected to our catalogue.

For customers looking for economical alternatives to the basic profile 1706, we expanded our vertical profiles offer with two additional profiles.

Economic profile1723 (24 mm x 24 mm) - dedicated to lower furnishings, without the possibility of installing decorative cover profiles.

ALTER profile 1724 – (30 mm x 30 mm). Its characteristic is the same strength as in the basic profile, but, like the economic profile, it does not have the option to install decorative cover profiles.